How to organize your SaaS finance operation

We've built a handful of finance teams, and while no two teams look the same, here are some frameworks and rules of thumb on how to organize finance teams. For a fast-growing early-stage SaaS startup, getting organized on this front is critical to saving both time and money, as well as having a handle on the performance and direction of your business to make it to the next round of funding. 

Each company will have specific needs for finance depending on its business model, particularly related to the level of complexity and automation in its invoicing and billing process. B2B enterprise companies may need support earlier to manage invoicing volume. B2B self-serve and B2C companies with automated checkout flows may be able to wait longer before growing a finance organization.

This guide will cover the two key sub-teams that every finance operation should have, as well as how best to integrate your finance team with other functions in the company. It also touches on how best to prepare the team for audits and tips on how to choose technology that grows with you.

How to organize your SaaS finance operation


How to organize your SaaS finance operation

Finance teams should coordinate closely with sales, marketing, and operational functions, allowing them to feed the finance model with relevant info that finance can use. This allows finance to stay responsible for the system while relinquishing some control over data inputs, which facilitates transparency, insight, and oversight. 

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