Your SaaS sales tax glossary

The 2018 South Dakota v. Wayfair Supreme Court ruling brought sales tax to the forefront for many SaaS companies.

Included in this guide are a list of foundational terms relevant to sales tax that you should know and some that SaaS companies in particular must know.

This guide can help you define and better understand:

  • How a Multiple Points of Use Exemption may be used by your customers

  • If your sales are actually Bundled Transactions

  • How does Origin Sourcing apply to your business

Download the guide to find out what terms you need to know to get up and running with sales tax compliance.

Your SaaS sales tax glossary


Your SaaS sales tax glossary

If a SaaS product is sold with a few free hours of integration services for example, the jurisdiction would look to what the customer is really buying - in other words would the customer make the purchase if the SaaS was not included - probably not. Therefore, the true object of that sale is the SaaS not the consulting services, and the SaaS taxability rules would apply to the transaction.

Download the guide here

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