What to look for in a sales tax solution

Getting sales tax right involves equipping the team with the necessary tools to succeed.

This guide breaks down the compliance journey and the product features a finance leader should look for in a sales tax solution to get the most accurate results as possible.

Here are some example considerations covered in this guide:

  • Can I be notified of economic nexus in an actionable way?

  • Does the platform provide any assistance with registration?

  • Does the platform provide out of the box integrations that actually work with my subscription model?

  • What is the interface for my reconciliation process?

  • Does the platform notify me if my filing frequency changes?

  • Does the platform save me time by filing my returns and remitting payment for me?

Download the guide to find out what should be on your requirements list when choosing a sales tax solution. 

What to look for in a sales tax solution


What to look for in a sales tax solution

Physical nexus has been around for decades, but the rise in remote employees has complicated matters. Physical nexus is just as important as economic nexus to track. Whether it is a new office or remote employee in a state, your tax engine solution should support recording physical nexus as a first class concept. 

Download the guide here

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