Getting ready to charge sales tax

Getting started with implementing sales tax can be a potentially confusing process, even more so if you don’t have a background in sales tax.

This playbook helps you prepare your business and customers for a smooth and successful path to compliance, covering the practical issues to consider when implementing a sales tax solution.

Here are some of the considerations covered in this guide:

  • Ensure your customer contracts include terms regarding the customer’s responsibilities for paying sales tax

  • Clearly communicate to your internal team what jurisdictions are becoming taxable and when

  • Ensure that your internal teams onboard all new customers with an address for their location

  • Mitigate any internal concerns around pricing

  • Customer contracts and communications 

Download the playbook to find helpful tips to get set up for success as your business begins implementing a sales tax solution. Couple this guide with our playbook on how to communicate sales tax changes to customers.

Getting ready to charge sales tax


Getting ready to charge sales tax

With an average tax rate in SaaS jurisdictions that exceeds 6% and the cost of non compliance increasing that rate up to 11%, the money that is saved by charging customers for sales tax can be reinvested into your business to hire more engineers, sales people or invest in other projects.

Download the guide here

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